A True Luxury Folding Rollaway Bed… Is there such a thing?

Luxury Rollaway Folding Bed

There are many different folding rollaway beds on the market to choose from, but very few can claim to offer a Luxury Folding Bed. We’ve spent years in creating a perfectly luxurious and comfortable folding rollaway bed and here is what makes ours stand apart from the others.

  1. Our beds are extra-long! A full 79” length box spring mattress.
  2. The 5.5” box spring is designed for comfort and it rests securely on a sturdy MDF board.
  3. The mattress and bed comfortably support up to 300 lbs, so no need to worry if big brother is visiting.
  4. In addition to the mattress (which is included) has an attached headboard for extra comfort and design for your pillow position. It also nicely closes over the mattress when the bed is folded.
  5. Moving the bed in and out of storage is super easy due to our 4 quality swivel wheels.
  6. A cover is available as extra protection which protects the bed from dust and dirt and makes it virtually invisible and neat unit when stored.
  7. We’ve carefully chosen a luxury dark gray fabric, both bed and cover, which is insensitive to dirt and dust.
  8. The steel frame is powder-coated black to nicely match the dark gray fabric.

So, when you are shopping for a Luxury Folding Rollaway bed consider one that is carefully crafted that you would be proud to offer any guest of your home or establishment.