It’s a Great Bed!
I have used this bed 3 – 4 times a week for the last six months. I keep it in my office and stay overnight as my commute is over 100 miles. The bed is constructed very well, I expect it to last many years. The mattress is amazingly comfortable. I am over 250 lbs and it supports me very well. The cover fits well and is well worth the extra expense.
Very, Very Sturdy
The beds were exactly as described. They are very, very sturdy. My husband is almost 300 lbs. and he bounced on one and it held up great. We love these rollaways. Expensive, but we needed beds that would be comfortable.
Worth Every Penny!
This is a wonderful rollaway bed. Heavy duty construction and can handle big people (I’m 275 pounds). Terrific engineering. Great design. Most importantly, a very comfortable mattress. Comes completely assembled out of the box: All you must do is open it up, put on your sheets and pillows, and then go to sleep. Easy to open up; easy to close up. I have a bad back so I bought a piece of 3/4″ plywood, had it cut to fit nicely under mattress. Every night, after I open up the bed, I slip the bed board under the mattress. Takes maybe 30 seconds to do. This is not to say that you need the board for yourself. Bed is well built with firm support under mattress. But I have been using bed boards since I hurt my back 50 years ago. So that help me. The cover to the bed is very nice: After you fold up bed in AM, just slip cover over bed. Easy to do. Looks very nice with cover. As far as I can tell, this rollaway bed is just as comfortable as any standard bed I have ever slept on. Indeed, more comfortable. Bed is worth every penny you pay for it. Doesn’t take up much room when folded up.
Comfortable Bed That Fits in a Closet
This thing is very comfortable, folds away nicely, is easy to move and store. It is not cheap, but you get what you expect when you pays the cash.
Excellent Quality
Needed a Roll-Away Bed and after much on-line research selected this bed. It arrived promptly and was everything that was promised and what we expected. Definitely recommend!
Easy to Put the Wheels on!
It was easy to put the wheels on.. I had a bad back at the time and was able to do it. It sits low.. so anyone with mobility issues may have problems getting down and up, about 6-8 inches lower than the queen bed next to it. It’s firm, but very comfortable, and the extra length will be a blessing for my 6 foot 7 son to sleep on when visiting instead of trying to fit into the queen with his wife and daughter. Seems well built. I like the look of it, the strap holds tight, and the finished look of it when folded up is very nice. I didn’t get the cover.. I will either put a blanket over it, or put into the closet, but it’s not ugly just sitting in the room either. It Moves easily, and plan on loaning to my next door neighbor in 2 weeks for a guest.. it will roll over to her house easily, just slow and steady. Yes.. it’s more expensive than most, but I am thinking I could also use it in the future as a day bed.. just put some nice cushions on it for little kids to use when they visit.
Where Have You Been All My Life!
It. is. so. easy. …To fold away and extend for use! Yet it is very sturdy, comfortable and the most convenient fold-away bed I’ve ever used. It is good for everyday use as well as temporary use. Rolls easy. A little concerned about the headboard weakening but it remains to be seen if that actually becomes a problem. And it also happens to be very attractive and doesn’t look like those typical wiry folding beds. Worth every penny!
Quite Comfortable and Portable!
A little pricey, but we use this bed for care takers that watch my Mom when we go away for the night. Quite comfortable and portable.
Great Choice!
I bought it for my son is 6″4. It’s a good fit all around. For once, his feet are not hanging out of the bed.
Very comfortable bed, wish I had two of them. A bit pricy but worth it!
Excellent Extra Bed
We bought this rollaway several years ago as an extra bed for the occasional overflow guest. It is comfortable (I’ve tried it twice) and appears durable. Highly recommended.

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