Residential Customers

Make your guests comfortable

Our folding rollaway bed is a perfect and natural addition to any home having friends or family over from time to time, and college kids returning home for Thanksgiving and the Holidays. We have three very comfortable quality box, extra-long 79” 5.5” thick spring coil (bonnel) mattresses or pocket coil mattresses (in stock for immediate shipement) made to last for the big & tall. We guarantee users up to LBS 330 & 6.8”!

They are very easy to set up and stow into a closet. It includes 4 quality swivel wheels and is neatly covered with the cover made from the same fabric as the bed itself. The beds have a headboard for extra comfort and which is used to close and cover the mattress when folded. Having overnight guests should be easy and not require a spare room or spare stationary bed. We offer other great accessories to our beds, like quality sheeting, fluffy towels and organic bathrobes


Add Value to your rooms

There is no reason every hotel, guest house, motel, or resort would not have our folding rollaway beds available for welcoming more guests/room or to be able to have overnight guests at your home. It’s a smart way to transform any double room into a 3-bed unit and charging  extra for setting up and welcoming additional people. At your home or at the hotel, they don’t take much space either, when folded and in storage.

Our folding rollaway beds are made to last and make money for the hotel, for years. The beds are easily folded moved by you or housekeeping on 4 quality swivel wheels. It’s delivered with a very comfortable  firm quality coil spring, extra-long 79” 5.5” thick spring mattress and/or a medium firm 5.5″ pocket coil spring mattress, made to last for the big & tall. We guarantee users up to LBS 330 & 6.8” !

The mattress is resting on a thick and sturdy MDF board. Since space is often limited at most establishments our folded beds take very little room to store.

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Rollaway Folding Beds & Guest Products

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